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New in Descript: Final Cut Pro Export, Timeline Editing, and More

Source: Andrew from Descript andrew.mason@descript.intercom-mail.com

There’s a new version of Descript available with some great new features – just open the app and you’ll be prompted to install the update, or download it here.

Also, we’re hiring! With the release our new video features, we’re looking for people with experience in video post production to join the team. Check out the open positions here.

Here’s what’s new!

Final Cut Pro Export

Now you can export a Project to Final Cut Pro – retaining all of the edits you made in Descript and using the original assets. Click the Share Button > Export Session, and from there you can select Final Cut Pro.

Adobe Premiere is coming next!

Timeline Editing: Wordbar and Split Clip

Now from the Timeline (View > Timeline) you can edit the space between words by dragging the Wordbar:

You can also split a clip by clicking the dot on the playhead:
We’ll be adding more and more editing functionality to the timeline in the months to come, stay tuned!

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