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Get Things Done! The system and template available to you.

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Get Things Done! The system and template available to you.

Are you juggling to remember things with your inbox, calendar reminders, sticky notes, lists, and let’s not forget… your memory?

Me too. I’ve done it for years… until I found a new system.

A system that meant I didn’t have to flick between tools (and send myself email reminders).

A system that meant I could Get Things Done! 

And now that exact system created by David Allen has been created into a template ready for you to explore (and use) in monday.

By organising my tasks by action, owner, duration and priority I’ve transformed my mindset from a purely reactionary mindset to a strategically proactive one.

Just it’s like Kyle and his team at Ford Media Lab have found. It’s been a revelation!

The best thing about this system is that it’s applicable to all tasks, whether that’s work-related or helping you organise your life!

Explore the interactive Getting Things Done system in monday, and try it yourself with your free trial


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