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New Instagram features by Tailwind as per its Community Manager

Tailwind has been hard at work adding some of our most requested features to our already best-in-class Instagram tool.

First, we’re excited to announce our latest feature that lets you add your Instagram Hashtags to your first comment right within Tailwind.

Why are we so excited about this update? Because we get it. You know the importance of using hashtags, but you don’t want a labor intensive process.

That’s why we’ve created your super simple all-in-one solution. Here’s how it works:

– Hop over to your Tailwind account and upload your post, drop in your caption and then type the # symbol to get predictive hashtag suggestions.
– Click to choose or add frequently used hashtags from your list.
– Check the box to move those comments from your caption to your 1st comment.
– Click “add to queue” to automatically schedule your post for the best time.

You can learn more about the feature from our launch blog post.

Next, we now support video auto posting for business accounts! This was one of our most requested features and we’re happy to bring our member’s posts to life. If you haven’t tried it yet, just head over to the Tailwind dashboard and upload a video. Just make sure it’s in the right aspect ratio!

Melissa Megginson
Community Manager 

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